Transformer switching relay TSRD

The TSRD is our standard product for switching of various three-phase transformers. For example for isolating transformers in special-purpose vehicles with rated current up to 50 A. For operation of the TSRD an external bypass contactor is needed. The soft starting procedure enables it to switch on either one three-phase transformer or three single-phase transformers in no-load-state or a loaded state without inrush current. Again, due to our soft starting procedure the inrush current is avoided, not only reduced.

Wolfgang Kraft

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Wolfgang Kraft
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Stefan Freitag

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Stefan Freitag
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Mains voltage 200, 400, 500 V and various wide voltage ranges
Rated current 32 and 50 A
Control input Control voltage to 121 VAC/DC and to 550 VAC
Control output 2, Bypass contactor and Message output
Design Isolated housing with rail holder

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