Transformer switching relay TSRDF

The TSRDF is a control module, which can be used as a control element of a transformer switching relay when it is used in combination with external thyristors or semiconductor relays in a three-phase current supply. With the TSRDF switching of three-phase transformers over 50 A or frequently switching of three-phase transformers are possible. The soft starting procedure enables it to switch on one three-phase transformer in no-load-state or a loaded state without inrush current. With the soft starting procedure the inrush current is avoided, not only reduced.

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Mains voltage 200, 400, 500 V and various wide voltage ranges
Ext. Control element Semiconductor relay or thyristors
Control input Control voltage to 121 VAC/DC and to 550 VAC
Control output 1, Bypass contactor
Design Isolated housing with rail holder

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